Control systems

Manual version
The manual version is controlled with the aid of a push button box, via which the roof washing system can be moved to the peak that is to be washed and the ramps of the platform can be lowered into the gutters. When the water pump has been switched on, the roof washer can be activated via the push-button box. The stops at the end of the gutters cause the roof washer to automatically return to the platform.

Push button box

Semi-automatic version
The semi-automatic version is operated via a touch-screen control panel. The settings can be easily viewed and changed. When the start signal has been given via the touch-screen control panel the roof washer automatically starts washing the roof. The number of peaks that are to be washed is entered along with the starting and ending time. Once the roof washer has been activated, the water pump will be automatically switched on. When one peak has been washed, the system will automatically move on to the next, and will continue until the program is finished.

Fully automatic version
The fully automatic version can be operated by the greenhouse’s climate computer. A release signal from the climate computer will automatically switch on the roof washing system. When the release signal stops, the roof washer will end its washing cycle on the peak, return to the platform and wait for the next release signal. This version also has a touch-screen control panel. One of the advantages of this version is that the vent windows of the section that is being washed are automatically closed while the vent windows in the other sections can remain open.

Control box


Standard platform
This is the most common version of the platform. It’s regarded as a permanent fixture as it usually remains suspended from the gable of the same greenhouse throughout its entire life. The platform has a handrail and can be reached via a caged- or extension ladder.

Standard moving platform

Foldable platform
If the intention is to use the system for several greenhouses than a foldable platform is a good solution. The collapsible legs of this platform are electrically folded, making it easier to transport. The foldable platform also has a handrail and an extension ladder is included.

Foldable moving platform

Contractor version
There is also a version of the foldable platform available specially intended for contractors. Several aspects of this platform have been adjusted to make it suitable for use in as many different situations as possible.

Contractor edition

Special versions
Some situations need a specially designed platform. In that case we will design and manufacture a custom-made platform according to the customerĀ“s requirements.

Crossing platform
Lifting platform