Plants grow faster when they receive more light. That’s why it’s so important for greenhouse roofs to remain clean. Washing a greenhouse roof by hand isn’t an option. So it’s not surprising that many greenhouse growers opt for a Roofmaster Light washing system.

Washed greenhouse roof

The greenhouse roof washing system consists mainly of the roof washer itself and a platform. The system can be moved along a greenhouse’s gable via a rail attached to the greenhouse. The roof washer stands in the gutters on the platform, which is suspended from the rail.

The platform moves the roof washer to the peak that is to be washed. The platform has ramps to connect it to the greenhouse’s gutter. The roof washer then moves across the greenhouse roof via the gutters, while washing the roof. When the roof washer reaches the end of the roof it returns to the platform, which then moves the roof washer on to the next peak that is to be washed.

Rotowas roof washer (1992)
Roofmaster Light roof washer no. 1 (2003)

Starting in the early 1990s, Besseling & ALL Techniek first produced more than a hundred greenhouse roof washers of its Rotowas design. New ideas and technology resulted in a new design roof washer: Roofmaster Light. It proved a major success right from the time it was introduced. Since then, Besseling & ALL Techniek has manufactured hundreds of Roofmaster Light roof washers that help to optimize the production of greenhouse cultivation and save a lot of valuable labor time all over the world.

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